ArangoDB River Plugin for ElasticSearch

ArangoDB offers now a plugin for automated data transfer from ArangoDB into ElasticSearch.

If you want to benefit from ElasticSearch’s full text search capabilities for your ArangoDB document data, the easiest way to do so is to use this new plugin.
Implementing the push approach, otherwise, would make it necessary to write your own indexer, using your favorite programming language.
The ArangoDB river plugin software is an initial alpha version and licensed under the Apache 2 license.


Let’s assume an error logging on your webapp, therefore you use Fugu.
The result of this error logging will be memorized in ArangoDB. Within ElasticSearch the new river plugin imports the data from ArangoDB easily, then it helps to analyze the logs. The plugin implements ElasticSearch’s pull approach, known as “river”, to access ArangoDB document data, enabling you to create ElasticSearch indexes based on constant data streams.
The open-source code is now available: