This version is deprecated. Download the new version of ArangoDB

A maintenance release for ArangoDB 2.2 is available. It will fix the performance problems encountered with the new graph module plus

v2.2.1 (2014-07-24)

  • fixed issue with –check-version: when creating a new database the check failed
  • issue #947 Foxx applicationContext missing some properties
  • added startup option --wal.suppress-shape-information Setting this option to true will reduce memory and disk space usage and require less CPU time when modifying documents or edges. It should therefore be turned on for standalone ArangoDB servers. However, for servers that are used as replication masters, setting this option to true will effectively disable the usage of the write-ahead log for replication, so it should be set to false for any replication master servers. The default value for this option is false.
  • added optional ttl attribute to specify result cursor expiration for HTTP API method POST /_api/cursor The ttl attribute can be used to prevent cursor results from timing out too early.
  • (reported by Christian Neubauer): The problem was that in Google’s V8, signed and unsigned chars are not always declared cleanly. so we need to force v8 to compile with forced signed chars which is done by the Flag: -fsigned-char at least it is enough to follow the instructions of compiling arango on rasperry and add “CFLAGS=’-fsigned-char'” to the make command of V8 and remove the armv7=0
  • Fixed a bug with the replication client. In the case of single document transactions the collection was not write locked.