Like every year, the ArangoDB team visited the FrOSCon. FrOSCon is the yearly Free and Open Source conference in St. Augustin, a small city near Cologne where the ArangoDB headquarters are. This year two talks were given by us, one by Michael and one by me, Lucas.

Michael gave a talk about “Multi-Model NoSQL Databases” and gave an introduction to Polyglot persistence and NoSQL. He also co-organized the JavaScript track of the conference with topics ranging from Angular JS to Property-based testing.
If you missed his talk, you can watch it here:

I talked about “Domain Driven Design and NoSQL”, gave a Ruby beginner workshop together with other Ruby hackers and co-organized the Ruby track with talks about Rails Girls Summer of Code, Testability and so much more. There is also a video of my talk at the FrOSCon:

In addition you can download the slides right here.

If you live somewhere in the area you should definitely attend next year. It’s a very friendly and open conferences which also features a program for kids and child care for the even smaller kids – so you can also bring your family with you.