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A maintenance release for ArangoDB 2.2 is available from the usual channels. v2.2.4 (2014-10-01) ——————-
* fixed accessing _from and _to attributes in collection.byExample and   collection.firstExample   These internal attributes were not handled properly in the mentioned functions, so   searching for them did not always produce documents
* fixed issue #1030: arangoimp 2.2.3 crashing, not logging on large Windows CSV file
* fixed issue #1025: Traversal not as expected in undirected graph
* fixed issue #1020   This requires re-introducing the startup option --database.force-sync-properties.   This option can again be used to force fsyncs of collection, index and database properties   stored as JSON strings on disk in files named parameter.json. Syncing these files after   a write may be necessary if the underlying storage does not sync file contents by itself   in a “sensible” amount of time after a file has been written and closed.   The default value is true so collection, index and database properties will always be   synced to disk immediately. This affects creating, renaming and dropping collections as   well as creating and dropping databases and indexes. Each of these operations will perform   an additional fsync on the parameter.json file if the option is set to true.   It might be sensible to set this option to false for workloads that create and drop a   lot of collections (e.g. test runs).   Document operations such as creating, updating and dropping documents are not affected   by this option.
* fixed issue #1016: AQL editor bug
* fixed issue #1014: WITHIN function returns wrong distance
* fixed AQL shortest path calculation in function GRAPH_SHORTEST_PATH to return   complete vertex objects instead of just vertex ids
* allow changing of attributes of documents stored in server-side JavaScript variables   Previously, the following did not work:

  Now, modifying documents stored in server-side variables (e.g. doc in the above case)   is supported. Modifying the variables will not update the documents in the database,   but will modify the JavaScript object (which can be written back to the database using   db.collection.update or db.collection.replace)

  • fixed issue #997: arangoimp apparently doesn’t support files >2gig on Windows   large file support (requires using _stat64 instead of stat) is now supported on   Windows