A new arangodb-java-driver is out now, it’s on github. The driver is available for ArangoDB from version 2.2 onwards.

How to include the driver in your application ?

The driver is available as maven artifact. To add the driver to your project with maven, add the following code to your pom.xml:


So you included the driver to your application, how can you use it? First of all you have to configure the driver. You can either import a properties file or use the configuration object. We will focus on the most important properties:

First we create an instance of the configuration object ..

Lets say we have an ArangoDB instance running under http://123.456.789.10:8529 and we want to configure the driver to talk to that database. Furthermore we expect that a database “testDatabase” exists and want to use it as the default database:

Alternatively you can create a properties file and import it to the configuration object:

File /config/arango.properties:

Import the file:

Now we can use this configuration to instantiate the driver:

Now you can use the ArangoDriver class to communicate with your ArangoDB.