It’s new – and just for you! With the new ArangoDB Cookbook we want to guide you thru various challenges that might arise in your daily business with NoSQL – and ArangoDB in particular.

You have a problem with or need an introduction to NoSQL data modeling / scaling ArangoDB / building Foxx apps / graph processing or something related to your favorite programming language? Then have a look if there’s a recipe match in the Cookbook!

Create your own recipes and help others in the ArangoDB community. We appreciate every participation that makes the cookbook a valuable source for ArangoDB users. Just write your problem description and solution in plain markdown and start a pull request on Github.

Need an example?

Lets assume you checked the foxx introduction on our website and now you want to build your own Foxx app, but you don’t know how to start.

Then there is a recipe Build my first Foxx App for you, that guides you thru the process:

(Extract:) First of all you need to create the folder structure for Foxx apps and start ArangoDB. The folder structure would look someway like this: foxx_apps/databases/_system/todos. Inside this folder you create a file called manifest.json and add the following information to that file:

After that you can start ArangoDB with the following command:

After that you need to create the required collections. You need to create a file setup.js inside the folder scripts:

Note: This is only an extract of the solution. In the cookbook is the complete detailed description how you can build your first Foxx App.

If you have any ideas for future recipes or think that somethings mission in our documentation, do not hesitate to tell us. We are happy about any feedback from you!