There is a warm-up routine on every evening at the NYC Database Month. Speakers ask trivia questions to the auditorium, related to the topic of the following talk. The first correct answer wins some “swag”. On Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014 Max from ArangoDB will talk about Polyglot Persistence and multi-model NoSQL databases.

To get a competitive advantage, here are some questions Max might ask:

Q: What does the term Polyglot Persistence mean?
A: Use a variety of different data storage technologies for different kinds of data. (src: Martin Fowler)

Q: What types on NoSQL data-/ storage-models does ArangoDB support?
A: key/values, documents, graphs

Q: NoSQL often comes with restrictions – which of the following features are missing in ArangoDB: joins, transactions, ACID guarantees?
A: none. (ArangoDB even scales and provides competitive performance)

If you are around NYC, let’s grab a seat and watch Max on stage:

Can’t be there? Then here’s your chance. Be the first to answer the following question in the comments below and get a new ArangoDB t-shirt:

Q: How many different programming languages are supported by ArangoDB?