ArangoDB Releases

We released ArangoDB 2.3.3 – a maintenance release with some bug fixes. Here are some of the fixes:

  • fixed error handling in instantiation of distributed AQL queries
  • issue #1185: parse non-fractional JSON numbers with exponent (e.g. 4e-261)
  • issue #1159: allow –server.request-timeout and –server.connect-timeout of 0

ArangoDB related (Drivers & more)

  • aqb 1.4.1: ArangoDB query builder (npm) fluent JS API by Alan Plum
  • guacamole 0.4.0 ( An ODM for ArangoDB by Dirk Breuer and Lucas Dohmen
  • Travesedo: J Patrick Davenport started a new Clojure driver for ArangoDB
  • pyArango (beta): Tariq Daouda contributed a python driver with validations.

Documentation and Cookbook

  • ArangoDB and Docker: How to use the ArangoDB docker image (Frank).
  • Foxx Authentication: An introduction to Foxx Authentication for the todo app by Lucas.
  • FoxxGenerator: Lucas added a recipe on how to build an app with FoxxGenerator (blog).
  • Search Vertices: Solving a logistics problem with graphs by Michael (SO question from sergeda).

Questions on Stack Overflow




We re-run the bulk-import performance test on MongoDB, CouchDB, and ArangoDB we did almost two years ago.


  • We now have a SQL / AQL comparison. If you have learned SQL this will help you understand AQL.
  • Getting started with Guacamole on Rails: An introduction to Guacamole, an object-document-mapper written by Dirk Breuer.
  • ArangoDB Query Builder: An article about the JavaScript node packaged module by Alan Plum.
  • 451 research: NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index – December 2014 “ArangoDB had the fastest rate of growth in the quarter (21.57%)” And we can do even better – because we start from a small number. 😉 Did you already updated your skills in LinkedIn?

Did you know?

If you want to dump data from an ArangoDB server instance you need to run the command:

You can also look into more options of arangodump.

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