ArangoDB Releases

We released ArangoDB 2.3.3 – a maintenance release with some bug fixes. Here are some of the fixes:

  • fixed error handling in instantiation of distributed AQL queries
  • issue #1185: parse non-fractional JSON numbers with exponent (e.g. 4e-261)
  • issue #1159: allow –server.request-timeout and –server.connect-timeout of 0

ArangoDB related (Drivers & more)

  • aqb 1.4.1: ArangoDB query builder (npm) fluent JS API by Alan Plum
  • guacamole 0.4.0 ( An ODM for ArangoDB by Dirk Breuer and Lucas Dohmen
  • Travesedo: J Patrick Davenport started a new Clojure driver for ArangoDB
  • pyArango (beta): Tariq Daouda contributed a python driver with validations.

Documentation and Cookbook

  • ArangoDB and Docker: How to use the ArangoDB docker image (Frank).
  • Foxx Authentication: An introduction to Foxx Authentication for the todo app by Lucas.
  • FoxxGenerator: Lucas added a recipe on how to build an app with FoxxGenerator (blog).
  • Search Vertices: Solving a logistics problem with graphs by Michael (SO question from sergeda).

Questions on Stack Overflow




We re-run the bulk-import performance test on MongoDB, CouchDB, and ArangoDB we did almost two years ago.


Did you know?

If you want to dump data from an ArangoDB server instance you need to run the command:

You can also look into more options of arangodump.

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