Here is a slideshare and recording of my talk about multi-model databases, presented in Santa Clara earlier this month.

Abstract: Recently a new breed of “multi-model” databases has emerged. They are a document store, a graph database and a key/value store combined in one program. Therefore they are able to cover a lot of use cases which otherwise would need multiple different database systems. This approach promises a boost to the idea of “polyglot persistence“, which has become very popular in recent years although it creates some friction in the form of data conversion and synchronisation between different systems. This is, because with a multi-model database one can enjoy the benefits of polyglot persistence without the disadvantages.

In this talk I will explain the motivation behind the multi-model approach, discuss its advantages and limitations, and will then risk to make some predictions about the NoSQL database market in five years time.

The future of NoSQL: My Predictions

In five years time…

  • the default approach is to use a multi-model database,
  • the big vendors will all add other data models,
  • the NoSQL solutions will conquer a sizable portion of what is now dominated by the relational model,
  • specialized products will only survive, if they find a niche.