ArangoDB’s outpost in the Bay area is getting more and more crowded. CTO Frank @fceller has joined the team of our CEO Claudius @weinberger, and ArangoDB´s lead developers: Max @neunhoef & Michael @mchacki. The latter are in San Francisco for a while already.

You can meet our team by attending several Meetups, the Collision Conf in Vegas (5-7 May) or at the @GeekdomSF office at Folsom Street #100, near Moscone Center. Get in touch, grab’ a coffee and join the discussions about NoSQL and multi-model databases. We are here to stay – at least until the end of May.

The team is looking forward to joining the tech crowd at the Collision Conf downtown Las Vegas on 5–6 May 2015. Collision is a new type of tech conference for America:

“A meeting place for people who are both building the companies of tomorrow and managing the companies of today.” – (Collision Conf)

We are proud to get a chance to share our vision on multi-model databases and present ArangoDB during a Startup-Pitch. We will demonstrate our latest developments on DCOS integration at our booth. The team is currently working on an exciting demo to show the crowd how multi-model databases compare in the NoSQL landscape.

Max will also attend the #StrataConf 2015 in London with an interesting use-case about “Multi-model databases and the art of aircraft maintenance”. He will show a practical example of how the combination of documents and graphs are beneficial for modern applications.