This version is deprecated. Download the new version of ArangoDB

The third maintenance release for ArangoDB 2.5 is available for download. This maintenance release is to address some issues in ArangoDB 2.5 and to support future releases.

Changes in ArangoDB 2.5.3

  • Fix JS-Move to work across filesystem borders; Fixes foxx app installation problems; issue #1292.
  • Fix foxx app install when installed on a different drive on windows
  • issue #1322: strange AQL result
  • issue #1318: Inconsistent db._create() syntax
  • issue #1315: queries to a collection fail with an empty response if the collection contains specific JSON data
  • issue #1300: Make arangodump not fail if target directory exists but is empty
  • allow specifying higher values than SOMAXCONN for --server.backlog-size

    Previously, arangod would not start when a --server.backlog-size value was specified that was higher than the platform’s SOMAXCONN header value.

    Now, arangod will use the user-provided value for --server.backlog-size and pass it to the listen system call even if the value is higher than SOMAXCONN. If the user-provided value is higher than SOMAXCONN, arangod will log a warning on startup.

  • Fixed a cluster deadlock bug. Mark a thread that is in a RemoteBlock as blocked to allow for additional dispatcher threads to be started.
  • Fix locking in cluster by using another ReadWriteLock class for collections.
  • Add a second DispatcherQueue for AQL in the cluster. This fixes a cluster-AQL thread explosion bug.