ArangoDB can be used as a backend data source for APIs that you compose with the popular open-source LoopBack Node.js framework.


In a recent blog article on StrongLoop, Nicholas Duffy explains how to use his new loopback-connector-arango connector to access ArangoDB:

Getting Started with the Node.js LoopBack Connector for ArangoDB

The tutorial uses the loopback-connector-arango which is available as npm and a demo application which is available from Github.

What is LoopBack?

LoopBack is a highly-extensible, open-source Node.js framework that enables you to quickly compose scalable APIs, runs on top of the Express web framework and conforms to the Swagger 2.0 specification.

  • Quickly create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs.
  • Connect devices and browsers to data and services.
  • Use Android, iOS, and AngularJS SDKs to easily create client apps.
  • Add-on components for push, file management, 3rd-party login, and geolocation.
  • Use StrongLoop Arc to visually edit, deploy, and monitor LoopBack apps.
  • LoopBack API gateway acts an intermediary between API consumers (clients) and API providers to externalize, secure, and manage APIs.
  • Runs on-premises or in the cloud

We can’t wait to see how the community will adapt the ArangoDB connector and start building scaleable APIs with the LoopBack framework on top of ArangoDB.

Please tell us what you’ve build using LoopBack and ArangoDB!