Still waiting for the 2.8 release announcement…
So in the meantime, let’s have a look at the latest maintenance release of ArangoDB 2.7.

Here are the changes that come with version 2.7.5:

  • backported added automatic deadlock detection for transactions

    In case a deadlock is detected, a multi-collection operation may be rolled back automatically and fail with error 29 (deadlock detected). Client code for operations containing more than one collection should be aware of this potential error and handle it accordingly, either by giving up or retrying the transaction.

  • improved internal datafile statistics for compaction and compaction triggering conditions, preventing excessive growth of collection datafiles under some workloads. This should also fix issue #1596.

  • Foxx export cache should no longer break if a broken app is loaded in the web admin interface.

  • Foxx: removed some incorrect deprecation warnings.

  • Foxx: mocha test paths with wildcard characters (asterisks) now work on Windows