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After giving the idea some thought we decided to launch a brand new ArangoDB service for startups. First, we need to explain how we decided to go for the new service. As fellow startupers we can only sympathize with ambitious and innovative new business founders and their teammates. The whole journey from getting ideas across to growing the number of customers is challenging as it is. Making sure that a product/market fit is found as fast as possible makes every day in business towards the finish line even more resource draining. Oh, another mountain to climb. Correction. What an important milestone to achieve in business. Try getting high value and long-term goals achieved while juggling through brainstorming and testing ideas, talking to investors, managing daily operations, monthly encounters with the authorities and so much more.

Here is what others think about the Startup Accelerator Program:

“Awesome startup program! You can discuss anything with those guys and you’ll always get sophisticated answers. Thanks ArangoDB team for all your support!”

Benedikt Knobloch, Founder

“Great support. With this program we saved 50% of development support.”

Florian Krause, Head of Development ABOUT YOU


If you work in a startup you should know that fast product development and getting it to the market fast is crucial. You should also know that it’s easier said than done especially, when you have limited resources. We understand and share your pain and concern when it comes to bringing your product to market, the result of your hard labor, at a low cost. There goes your explanation. One sentence to explain why we started the Startup Accelerator Program.

What will startups get from the Startup Accelerator Program?

  • Discounted professional developer support
  • Reduced time to market & faster product development
  • Quicker response time to critical issues
  • More time to spend on other company efforts

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When we were designing the Program we set out several objectives for it to bring our clients. Startups will get discounted professional developer support from our experts in the ArangoDB team. Professional support will reduce product development time which, in its turn, will help get the product to market faster. The quicker response time to critical issues will also help devote some attention to other company efforts. Find out more about how other ArangoDB users leveraged the features of our multi-model database and how ArangoDB has been used in production.

Still not sure why we want to help startups? ArangoDB was a tiny startup as well just a few years ago. We didn’t have an established product. Just ideas and goals. We’ve been through what young companies struggle with – being in need of professional support but lacking resources. Think of the Startup Accelerator Program as helping your neighbor with Math homework.