It is all about improving replication. ArangoDB 3.3 comes with two new exciting features: data-center to data-center replication for clusters and a much improved active-passive mode for single-servers. ArangoDB 3.3 focuses on replications and improvements in this area and provides a much better user-experience when setting up a resilient single-servers with automatic failover.

This beta release is feature complete and contains stability improvements with regards to the recent milestone 1 and 2 of ArangoDB 3.3. However, it is not meant for production use, yet. We will provide ArangoDB 3.3 GA after extensive internal and external testing of this beta release.

Data-Center to Data-Center Replication

Disaster can strike anytime, therefore companies need to be prepared. While a failure of a single machine in a cluster can easily be tolerated, the loss of a complete data-center is a major disaster. In this case, a backup data-center can take over the workload of the failed on, therefore ensuring operations with only minimal downtime. The data-center to data-center replication is described in more detail in this article.

Active-Passive Single-Server

You might not always need the full power of a cluster setup. Quite often a single-server is enough to handle the workload. However, such a setup creates a single point of failure. In order to avoid this, you can create an active-passive pair of two single-servers with automatic failover. Read more about this feature here.

It would be a great help if you could give it a test, and let us know your feedback on ArangoDB Community Slack.

Download Beta 1 of the upcoming ArangoDB 3.3