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Community Notebook Challenge

Calling all Community Members! 🥑

Today we are excited to announce our Community Notebook Challenge.

What is our Notebook Challenge you ask? Well, this blog post is going to catch you up to speed and get you excited to participate and have the chance to win the grand prize: a pair of custom Apple Airpod Pros.

Our Interactive Tutorials repository has a library of python notebooks available covering the full spectrum of ArangoDB features. Although we cover a lot of topics, something is missing… YOUR notebook! As announced in our July Newsletter on July 29th and running until October 31st, the first 25 people who have a notebook merged into the main branch will receive a swag box (one per person). EVERYONE who has an accepted PR will be entered to win a set of custom Apple AirPod Pros! Each notebook (subject to approval) gets you an extra entry.

To get started, visit the repository and follow the contribution instructions.

Notebooks should cover topics related to ArangoDB, such as:

  • A unique approach to getting started with AQL
  • An exciting tutorial covering another ArangoDB concept
  • A novel approach you took to solve a machine learning problem using ArangoDB
  • A notebook showcasing how you use ArangoDB in your application
  • Any other notebooks that get people excited about using ArangoDB

We are pretty lenient when it comes to providing community notebooks, but some content may require revision before being accepted or may not be accepted. 

We are very excited to see what awesome and creative notebooks you come up with!

Disclaimer: We will make our best effort to ship to most countries, within reason. If for any reason, we aren’t able to due to laws or shipping restrictions of the country, or some other unforeseen reason, we may need to select another winner at our discretion and/or not send out the swag box.