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Technical Alert #4: ArangoSearch possibly corrupted index

Technical Alert #4: ArangoSearch possibly corrupted index

This is a Technical Alert to inform all Users and Customers that there is a need to address an issue with the ArangoSearch views functionality by upgrading to the latest ArangoDB version and reindexing currently existing views.

Issue Description

For specific input data indexed by ArangoSearch and used via views functionality a crash can occur during lookup (AQL query execution) in the internal index structure. This issue affects only view-related AQL queries with the SEARCH keyword involved.

Issue Resolution

Upgrade to ArangoDB v3.4.6 (or newer) which contains a fix for the ArangoSearch implementation and reindex views by recreating them (drop and create with the same parameters).

Additional Questions

In case of any questions, please contact us. ArangoDB Customers can open a support ticket in our Support Platform.