ArangoDB 3.5

ArangoDB 3.5

Distributed Joins, Streaming Transactions, extended GraphDB & Search Capabilities

ArangoDB 3.5 GA Features Overview

Learn about the new features from the creators crew:


The SmartJoin feature in the ArangoDB Enterprise Edition allows running JOINs between two sharded collections with performance close to that of a local JOIN operation.

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Data Masking

The data masking feature of arangodump provides a convenient way to extract production data but mask critical information that should not be visible.

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Sorted Views

ArangoSearch: Configurable Analyzers

PRUNE Keyword
in AQL

k Shortest Paths Queries in AQL

k Shortest Paths allows you to query not just a shortest path between two documents, but the list of paths between them, sorted by length, or weight.

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Index Hints and Named Indexes

Name indexes & use indexHint inline query option to override the internal optimizer decision on which index to use to serve content from a given collection.

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Time-to-Live Index

TTL index can be used to automatically expire documents in a collection for use cases like expiring sessions or automatic purging of statistics or logs.

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