ArangoDB White Papers

ArangoDB White Papers

What is a Multi-model Database and Why Use It?

ArangoDB white papersWhen it comes to choosing the right technology for a new project, it can often be challenging to define the exact right tools that will match set-up criteria from start to finish. In this white paper, we explain what a multi-model database is, including a use case based on aircraft fleet management.

Switching from Relational Databases to ArangoDB

This white paper compares relational database management systems (RDBMS) to native multi-model databases — in particular, MySQL and ArangoDB. It describes key concepts and contrasts at the end of each section, and concludes on what sets ArangoDB apart.

Resilience in ArangoDB 3

ArangoDB white papersIn this white paper, we explain the resilience concept of ArangoDB 3. When an application runs on multiple machines or cloud instances, the probability of a machine failure is no longer negligible. Thus, if you run distributed applications and you want to sleep well, these applications need to be fault tolerant or resilient.

ArangoDB Cluster Performance

ArangoDB white papersIn our white paper we show that an ArangoDB cluster with 640 vCPUs can sustain a write load of 1.1M JSON documents per second which amounts to approximately 1GB of data per second and that it takes a single short command and around 10 Minutes to deploy such an 80 node cluster using the Mesosphere DCOS.

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