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Search at Scale

The architecture of ArangoSearch is designed to handle even complex queries against large, distributed data sets efficiently.

distributed query engine arangodb

Parallel, Distributed Query Execution

ArangoDB moves your queries where your data resides. Each DBserver in an ArangoDB cluster has its own query engine and executes your query locally and in parallel.

Fast SIMD Compression

Even terabytes of your data can be stored and searched with C++ based ArangoSearch in ArangoDB. By handling compression on a very low level SIMD can be handled efficiently for optimal performance.

SIMD Compression
Distributed Indexes Icon

Distributed Indexes

ArangoSearch and ArangoDB support distributed indexes so each shard has its own index for local lookups and query execution.

Combine Full-text Search with Graph

Extend your ArangoSearch queries with graph, geo or relational-type aspects for even more fine-grained access to your data. Combine your search with unique features like SmartGraphs or SmartJoins for high performance queries against distributed data.