ArangoDB v3.2 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent version here: Try latest

Single instance deployment

The latest official builds of ArangoDB for all supported operating systems may be obtained from

Linux remarks

Besides the official images which are provided for the most popular linux distributions there are also a variety of unofficial images provided by the community. We are tracking most of the community contributions (including new or updated images) in our newsletter:

Windows remarks

Please note that ArangoDB will only work on 64bit.


The simplest way to deploy ArangoDB is using Docker. To get a general understanding of Docker have a look at their excellent documentation.


To start the official Docker container you will have to decide on an authentication method. Otherwise the container won’t start.

Provide one of the arguments to Docker as an environment variable.

There are three options:


    Disable authentication completely. Useful for local testing or for operating in a trusted network (without a public interface).


    Start ArangoDB with the given password for root


    Let ArangoDB generate a random root password

To get going quickly:

docker run -e ARANGO_RANDOM_ROOT_PASSWORD=1 arangodb/arangodb

For an in depth guide about Docker and ArangoDB please check the official documentation: . Note that we are using the image arangodb/arangodb here which is always the most current one. There is also the “official” one called arangodb whose documentation is here: