ArangoDB v3.5 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent version here: Latest Docs

ArangoDB v3.5.7 Drivers Documentation

Official drivers

Name Language Repository  
ArangoDB-Java-Driver Java Changelog
ArangoJS JavaScript Changelog
ArangoDB-PHP PHP Changelog
Go-Driver Go Changelog


Name Language Repository  
Spring Data Java Changelog
ArangoDB-Spark-Connector Scala, Java Changelog

Community drivers

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Name Language Repository
Arangoex Elixir
Arangox Elixir
aranGO Go
aranGoDriver Go
arangolite Go
pyArango Python
python-arango Python
aioarangodb Python
Proteus Scala
avokka Scala
arangodb-scala-driver Scala
Scarango Scala
aRango-Driver R
arangodb-php-client PHP
arangodb-net-standard C# / .NET
ArangoDB-NET C# / .NET
dotnet-arangodb C# / .NET C# / .NET
dotnet-arangodb C# / .NET
arango-driver (fork of ArangoRB) Ruby
Perl5 Arango-Tango Ruby
arangors Rust
Tash C++
erlArango Erlang
eArango Erlang
darango Dart
arango-dart Dart

Community integrations and libraries

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Name Environment Language Repository
Eclipse JNoSQL Jakarta NoSQL Java
arangodb-tinkerpop-provider Gremlin Java
arangodb-graphql-java GraphQL Java
Kafka Connect ArangoDB Kafka Java
ArangoDb Camel Camel Java
Micronaut ArangoDB Mirconaut Java
ArangoDB TestContainers Testcontainers Java
Write-Ahead-Log Client in Java   Java
ArangoBee data migration tool   Java
cruddl GraphQL JavaScript
feathers-arangodb Feathers JavaScript
orango Node.js, Foxx, browser JavaScript
Hemera-arango-store Hemera JavaScript
ArangoDB.Ecto Ecto Elixir
Python ORM Layer for ArangoDB   Python
Arangodantic Pydantic Python
arangodol   Python
Aranguent Laravel PHP
MopArangoDbBundle Symfony2 PHP
arangoq: a query builder layer   Rust
GORM Arango Driver GORM Go

Community projects

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Name Environment Language Repository
Fasty: CMS based on OpenResty / Lapis & ArangoDB NodeJS JavaScript
foxxy: Create your app with ArangoDB Foxx RiotJS UIKIT3 Brunch Yarn Foxx JavaScript
RecallGraph: A versioning data store for time-variant graph data Foxx JavaScript
ArangoDb.Net.Identity: .NET Core Identity library for ArangoDB .NET C#
Docker Swarm example configuration Docker Swarm
Intellij plugin for AQL, ArangoDB language support Intellij Java