ArangoDB v3.6 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent version here: Latest Docs

ArangoDB Server environment variables

arangod inspects the following list of environment variables:


    This variable can be used to override the automatic detection of the total amount of RAM present on the system. One can specify a decimal number (in bytes). Furthermore, if G or g is appended, the value is multiplied by 2^30. If M or m is appended, the value is multiplied by 2^20. If K or k is appended, the value is multiplied by 2^10. That is, 64G means 64 gigabytes.

    The total amount of RAM detected is logged as an Info message at server start. If the variable is set, the overridden value is shown. Various default sizes are calculated based on this value (e.g. RocksDB buffer cache size).

    Setting this option can in particular be useful in two cases:

    1. If arangod is running in a container and its cgroup has a RAM limitation, then one should specify this limitation in this environment variable, since it is currently not automatically detected.
    2. If arangod is running alongside other services on the same machine and thus sharing the RAM with them, one should limit the amount of memory using this environment variable.
  • IRESEARCH_TEXT_STOPWORD_PATH (introduced in v3.5.0)

    Path to a directory with stopword files for ArangoSearch Text Analyzers.

For Docker specific environment variables please refer to Docker Hub