ArangoDB v3.7 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent version here: Latest Docs


The collections section displays all available collections. From here you can create new collections and jump into a collection for details (click on a collection tile).



  • A: Toggle filter properties
  • B: Search collection by name
  • D: Create collection
  • C: Filter properties
  • H: Show collection details (click tile)


  • E: Collection type
  • F: Collection state(unloaded, loaded, …)
  • G: Collection name



There are four view categories:

  1. Content:
    • Create a document
    • Delete a document
    • Filter documents
    • Download documents
    • Upload documents
  2. Indices:
    • Create indices
    • Delete indices
  3. Info:
    • Detailed collection information and statistics
  4. Settings:
    • Configure name, journal size, index buckets, wait for sync
    • Delete collection
    • Truncate collection
    • Unload/Load collection
    • Save modifed properties (name, journal size, index buckets, wait for sync)

Additional information:

Upload format:

I. Line-wise

{ "_key": "key1", ... }
{ "_key": "key2", ... }

II. JSON documents in a list

  { "_key": "key1", ... },
  { "_key": "key2", ... }