ArangoDB v3.9 reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer supported.

This documentation is outdated. Please see the most recent version at

High-level operations

The following high-level operations are described here after:

  • FOR: Iterate over a collection or View, all elements of an array or traverse a graph

  • RETURN: Produce the result of a query.

  • FILTER: Restrict the results to elements that match arbitrary logical conditions.

  • SEARCH: Query the (full-text) index of an ArangoSearch View

  • SORT: Force a sort of the array of already produced intermediate results.

  • LIMIT: Reduce the number of elements in the result to at most the specified number, optionally skip elements (pagination).

  • LET: Assign an arbitrary value to a variable.

  • COLLECT: Group an array by one or multiple group criteria. Can also count and aggregate.

  • WINDOW: Perform aggregations over related rows.

  • REMOVE: Remove documents from a collection.

  • UPDATE: Partially update documents in a collection.

  • REPLACE: Completely replace documents in a collection.

  • INSERT: Insert new documents into a collection.

  • UPSERT: Update/replace an existing document, or create it in the case it does not exist.

  • WITH: Specify collections used in a query (at query begin only).