ArangoDB Production Checklist

The following checklist can help to understand if important steps have been performed on your production system before you go live:

  • Executed the OS optimization scripts (if you run ArangoDB on Linux). See Installing ArangoDB on Linux for details.
  • OS monitoring is in place (most common metrics, e.g. disk, CPU, RAM utilization).
  • Disk space monitoring is in place (only if you use the RocksDB storage engine).
  • The user root is not used to run any ArangoDB processes (if you run ArangoDB on Linux).
  • The arangod (server) process and the arangodb (Starter) process (if in use) have some form of logging enabled and you can easily locate and inspect them.
  • If you use the Starter to deploy, you stopped - and disabled automated start of - the ArangoDB Single Instance, e.g. on Ubuntu:

    service arangodb3 stop
    update-rc.d -f arangodb3 remove

    On Windows in a command prompt with elevated rights:

    sc config arangodb start= disabled
    sc stop arangodb
  • If you have deployed a Cluster (and/or are using DC2DC) the replication factor of your collections is set to a value equal or higher than 2 (so that you have minimal data redundancy in place).