ArangoDB v3.11 is under development and not released yet.

This documentation is not final and potentially incomplete.

Getting Started


The ArangoDBNetStandard library can be consumed in any .NET project that targets .NET Standard 2.0 or a version of .NET that is compliant with .NET Standard 2.0.


To install from Nuget:

  1. Open the latest release of ArangoDBNetStandard on Nuget.
  2. Install the latest version of the Nuget package into your project using .NET CLI, Visual Studio or Visual Studio for Mac.


To install from Github:

  1. Open the latest Github release of ArangoDBNetStandard.
  2. Scroll to the Assets section.
  3. Download the source files. They are available as either a zip or tar.gz archive file.
  4. Extract the source files from the archive file downloaded in step 3.
  5. Build the \arangodb-net-standard\ArangoDBNetStandard.csproj project for release using the .NET CLI or Visual Studio.
  6. In the project that will consume the driver library, add a reference to the build output (the ArangoDBNetStandard.dll assembly located in the \arangodb-net-standard\bin\Release\netstandard2.0 folder).

First Steps

Learn how to:

  1. Work with databases.
  2. Work with collections.
  3. Work with documents.
  4. Work with AQL queries and functions.


Browse the full reference for ArangoDBNetStandard.