ArangoDB v3.11 is under development and not released yet.

This documentation is not final and potentially incomplete.

ArangoDB C#/.NET Driver

The official ArangoDB C#/.NET driver. Built using .NET Standard 2.0, the library provides .NET Core and .NET Framework applications with the complete range of features exposed by the ArangoDB REST API.

The library provides comprehensive coverage of all of the available options for each of ArangoDB’s REST API endpoints.

The driver is built using the standard HttpClient interface for making HTTP requests, along with Json.NET for (de)serialization to/from CLI types.

In addition the library provides:

  • Support for async/await across every API operation
  • Adherence to common-practice C# naming conventions
  • Consistent approach for each API endpoint

New Releases

A new release of the driver (version 1.1.1) is available now. To see the full list of updates and improvements, please refer to the driver’s GitHub page.