ArangoDB v3.10 is under development and not released yet.

This documentation is not final and potentially incomplete.

Features and Capabilities

ArangoDB is a NoSQL graph database for online transactional processing (OLTP) as well as analytical workloads, with a rich ecosystem of projects, integrations, and drivers


ArangoDB is freely available in a Community Edition under the Apache 2.0 open-source license. It is a fully-featured version without time or size restrictions and includes cluster support.

ArangoDB is also available in a commercial version, called the Enterprise Edition. It includes additional features for performance and security, such as for scaling graphs and managing your data safely.

Community   Enterprise
✔ Open source under a permissive license   ✔ Includes all Community Edition features
✔ One database core for all graph, document, key-value, and search needs   ✔ Performance options to smartly shard and replicate graphs and datasets for optimal data locality
✔ A single composable query language for all data models   ✔ Multi-tenant deployment option for the transactional guarantees and performance of a single server
✔ Extensible through microservices with custom REST APIs and user-definable query functions   ✔ Enhanced data security with on-disk and backup encryption, key rotation, audit logging, and LDAP authentication
✔ Cluster deployments for high availability and resilience   ✔ Incremental backups without downtime and off-site replication
See all Community Edition Features   See all Enterprise Edition Features

On-Premise versus Cloud

You can install ArangoDB on your local machine or run it in a Docker container for development purposes. You can deploy it on-premise as a single server, optionally as a resilient pair with asynchronous replication and automatic failover (Active Failover), or as a cluster comprised of multiple nodes with synchronous replication and automatic failover for high availability and resilience. For the highest level of data safety, you can additionally set up off-site replication for your entire cluster (Datacenter-to-Datacenter Replication).

If you do not want to operate your own ArangoDB instances on-premise, then you may use our fully managed multi-cloud service ArangoDB Oasis. It runs the Enterprise Edition of ArangoDB, lets you deploy clusters with a few clicks, and is operated by a dedicated team of ArangoDB engineers day and night. To learn more, go to