ArangoDB Server Foxx Options

Foxx startup

Introduced in: v3.6.10, v3.7.6

Foxx queues

enable or disable the Foxx queues feature--foxx.queues flag

If true, the Foxx queues will be available and jobs in the queues will be executed asynchronously.

The default is true. When set to false the queue manager will be disabled and any jobs are prevented from being processed, which may reduce CPU load a bit.

Foxx queues poll interval

poll interval for Foxx queues--foxx.queues-poll-interval value

The poll interval for the Foxx queues manager. The value is specified in seconds. Lower values will mean more immediate and more frequent Foxx queue job execution, but will make the queue thread wake up and query the queues more often. When set to a low value, the queue thread might cause CPU load.

The default is 1 second. If Foxx queues are not used much, then this value may be increased to make the queues thread wake up less.