ArangoDB v3.10 is under development and not released yet.

This documentation is not final and potentially incomplete.

Quick Start Guide

Interactive Tutorials

To get started with ArangoDB and try out some of its features, you can use the interactive tutorials. They provide information on various topics and allow you to set up and access a cloud instance of ArangoDB - it’s free, easy to use, and no installation is required.

AQL Tutorials

Graph Tutorials

ArangoSearch Tutorials

GraphML and Analytics Tutorials

You can find all interactive tutorials on GitHub:

How to Continue Your Learning Path

When you are ready for your own ArangoDB server, you can sign up for ArangoDB’s cloud service called Oasis, which takes care of the setup and maintenance, so that you can focus on building amazing things on top of ArangoDB. See Use ArangoDB in the Cloud to get started.

You can also install ArangoDB locally or on your own server hardware. See Use ArangoDB On-Premise for more details.