ArangoDB v3.11 is under development and not released yet.

This documentation is not final and potentially incomplete.

API Changes in ArangoDB 3.11

This document summarizes the HTTP API changes and other API changes in ArangoDB 3.11. The target audience for this document are developers who maintain drivers and integrations for ArangoDB 3.11.


Behavior changes

Graph API (Gharial)

The POST /_api/gharial/ endpoint for creating named graphs validates the satellites property of the graph options for SmartGraphs differently now.

If the satellites property is set, it must be an array, either empty or with one or more collection name strings. If the value is not in that format, the error “Missing array for field satellites” is now returned, for example, if it is a string or a null value. Previously, it returned “invalid parameter type”. If the graph is not a SmartGraph, the satellites property is ignored unless its value is an array but its elements are not strings, in which case the error “Invalid parameter type” is returned.

Privilege changes

Endpoint return value changes

Endpoints added

Endpoints augmented

Cursor API

The cursor API can now return an additional statistics value in its stats sub-attribute:

  • intermediateCommits: the total number of intermediate commits the query has performed. This number can only be greater than zero for data-modification queries that perform modifications beyond the --rocksdb.intermediate-commit-count or --rocksdb.intermediate-commit-size thresholds. In a cluster, the intermediate commits are tracked per DB server that participates in the query and are summed up in the end.

Restriction of indexable fields

It is now forbidden to create indexes that cover fields whose attribute names start or end with : , for example, fields: ["value:"]. This notation is reserved for internal use.

Existing indexes are not affected but you cannot create new indexes with a preceding or trailing colon using the POST /_api/index endpoint.

Endpoints moved

Endpoints deprecated

Endpoints removed

JavaScript API


The collection.iterate() method is deprecated from v3.11.0 onwards and will be removed in a future version.