API Changes in ArangoDB 3.8

This document summarizes the HTTP API changes and other API changes in ArangoDB 3.8. The target audience for this document are developers who maintain drivers and integrations for ArangoDB 3.8.


Endpoint return value changes

The endpoint /_api/replication/clusterInventory returns, among other things, an array of the existing collections. Each collection has a planVersion attribute, which in ArangoDB 3.8 is now hard-coded to the value of 1.

Before 3.7, the most recent Plan version from the agency was returned inside planVersion for each collection. In 3.7, the attribute contained the Plan version that was in use when the in-memory LogicalCollection object was last constructed. The object was always reconstructed in case the underlying Plan data for the collection changed, or when a collection contained links to ArangoSearch Views. This made the attribute relatively useless for any real-world use cases, and so we are now hard-coding it to simplify the internal code. Using the attribute in client applications is also deprecated.

Endpoints added

Endpoints augmented

The REST endpoint at GET /_api/engine/stats now returns useful information in cluster setups too. Previously calling this API on a Coordinator always produced an empty JSON object result, whereas now it will produce a JSON object with one key per DB-Server. The mapped value per DB-Server are the engine statistics for this particular server.

The return value structure is different to the return value structure in single server, where the return value is a simple JSON object with the statistics at the top level.

Endpoints moved

Endpoints removed

JavaScript API

ArangoDB Server Environment Variables