ArangoDB v3.11 is under development and not released yet.

This documentation is not final and potentially incomplete.

Features and Improvements in ArangoDB 3.11

The following list shows in detail which features have been added or improved in ArangoDB 3.11. ArangoDB 3.11 also contains several bug fixes that are not listed here.


Added AQL functions

Added the DATE_ISOWEEKYEAR() function that returns the ISO week number, like DATE_ISOWEEK() does, but also the year it belongs to:

RETURN DATE_ISOWEEKYEAR("2023-01-01") // { "week": 52, "year": 2022 }

See AQL Date functions for details.

Server options

Verify .sst files

The new --rocksdb.verify-sst startup option lets you validate the .sst files currently contained in the database directory on startup. If set to true, on startup, all SST files in the engine-rocksdb folder in the database directory are validated, then the process finishes execution. The default value is false.

Support for terabyte and tebibyte suffixes

Numeric startup options support suffixes like m (megabytes) and GiB (gibibytes) to make it easier to specify values that are expected in bytes. The following suffixes are now also supported:

  • tib, TiB, TIB: tebibytes (factor 10244)
  • t, tb, T, TB: terabytes (factor 10004)

Example: arangod 2TiB

See Suffixes for numeric options for details.