Features and Improvements in ArangoDB 3.9

The following list shows in detail which features have been added or improved in ArangoDB 3.9. ArangoDB 3.9 also contains several bug fixes that are not listed here.

Client tools

More powerful arangovpack

The arangovpack utility supports more input and output formats (JSON and VelocyPack, plain or hex-encoded). The former options --json and --pretty have been removed and have been replaced with separate options for specifying the input and output types:

  • --input-type (json, json-hex, vpack, vpack-hex)
  • --output-type (json, json-pretty, vpack, vpack-hex)

The former option --print-non-json has been replaced with the new option --fail-on-non-json which makes arangovpack fail when trying to emit non-JSON types to JSON output.

Internal changes

The compiler version used to build the ArangoDB Linux executables has been upgraded from g++ 9.3.0 to g++ 10.2.1. g++ 10 is also the expected version of g++ when compiling ArangoDB from source.

The minimum architecture requirements have been raised from the Westmere architecture to the Sandy Bridge architecture. 256-bit AVX instructions are now expected to be present on all targets that run ArangoDB 3.9 executables. If a target does not support AVX instructions, it may fail with SIGILL at runtime.