AQL tutorial

This is an introduction to ArangoDB’s query language AQL, built around a small dataset of characters from the novel and fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones (as of season 1). It includes character traits in two languages, some family relations, and last but not least a small set of filming locations, which makes for an interesting mix of data to work with.

There is no need to import the data before you start. It is provided as part of the AQL queries in this tutorial. You can interact with ArangoDB using its web interface to manage collections and execute the queries.

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The dataset features 43 characters with their name, surname, age, alive status and trait references. The surname and age properties are not always present. The column traits (resolved) is not part of the actual data used in this tutorial, but included for your convenience.

Characters table


There are 18 unique traits. Each trait has a random letter as document key. The trait labels come in English and German.

Traits table


This small collection of 8 filming locations comes with two attributes, a name and a coordinate. The coordinates are modeled as number arrays, comprised of a latitude and a longitude value each.

Locations table