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Introduction to AQL

Coming from SQL? Equally structured ArangoDB Query language will feel “like home”. AQL is a single, common query language for all data models of the database. No more juggling between various technologies – one DB, one language is all you need. Get started with mastering basic operations in ArangoDB.

SQL / AQL – Comparison


Take a peek at the performance

Wondering what performance you can expect from ArangoDB? Take a look at the performance blog series. The complete test-setup is open source and is available on Github.

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Compare ArangoDB to other DBs

Coming from other database? See how ArangoDB compares to market leading products, like MongoDB or Neo4j.


The ArangoDB query language (AQL) can be used to retrieve and modify data that is stored in ArangoDB. One of the design goals of AQL was client independency, meaning that the language and syntax are the same for all clients, no matter what programming language the clients may use.

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Set up your cluster

Setting up a cluster can be intimidating task. You have to deal with firewalls, ports, different types of machines, and the like. ArangoDB is prepared to deal with all kinds of different setups and requirements.

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Foxx is a framework that allows you to write data-centric microservices. It is executed directly inside of ArangoDB and grants you raw access to your data. With the framework you can embed complex queries and data-focused business logic into your database.

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Upgrade to a new version

There is a recommended upgrade procedure in place, including release notes for every update. To upgrade an existing ArangoDB database to a newer version, check out our documentation for guidance.

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Do you have questions regarding ArangoDB? Have a look at the FAQ.

How fast is ArangoDB?
Does ArangoDB support SQL?
Is ArangoDB production ready?


Here you will find various recipes and specific scenarios to help you understand the ArangoDB database better.

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Specific documentation for our contributors, driver devs and those interested in what’s going on on the wire.

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Download Documentation

Download the ArangoDB manual, AQL docs and HTTP API guide in PDF, EPUB or MOBI. Also available as HTML-tarball.


ArangoDB Devel Docs

The documentation for the development branch (generated by the nightly build process) of ArangoDB can be found here:

Go to Devel-Documentation

Additional Docs

The documentation for previous, now outdated releases of ArangoDB can be found here:

ArangoDB 2.8
ArangoDB 2.7
ArangoDB 2.6

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