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Foxx Framework

Foxx is a framework that allows you to write data-centric microservices.

ArangoDB Tutorials

First steps

Learn everything you need to know to get started with ArangoDB: create your first collection, insert data and run queries.


Follow the instructions in our detailed “How-to” guide to install ArangoDB. It will only take a minute!

Intro to AQL

AQL is a single SQL-like query language for all data models of the database. No more juggling between various technologies – one DB, one language is all you need.

Take a peek at the performance

Wondering what performance you can expect from ArangoDB? Take a look at the performance blog series. The complete test-setup is open source and is available on Github.

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Compare ArangoDB to others

Coming from other database? See how ArangoDB compares to market leading products, like MongoDB or Neo4j.


Do you have questions regarding ArangoDB? Have a look at the FAQ.


Here you will find various recipes and specific scenarios to help you understand the ArangoDB database better.

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To upgrade an existing ArangoDB database to a newer version, check out our documentation for guidance.

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