Download ArangoDB Docs

Download ArangoDB Documentation

We have gathered a lot of useful information in the ArangoDB Documentation. It is organized in three handbooks – General Manual, AQL Docs and HTTP API Docs, all of which you can download below to your machine or mobile device in a desirable format.

General ArangoDB Manual

This general manual describes ArangoDB and its features in detail for you as a user, developer and administrator.

Here you will find info on how to start with the database, help with installing, deployment and administration, as well as guides on basic and more complex operations in ArangoDB. More advanced topics, like Foxx microservices, Graphs and Transactions are also described here.

AQL Docs

The AQL handbook explains ArangoDB’s query language AQL.


The HTTP handbook describes the internal API of ArangoDB that is used to communicate with clients. In general, the HTTP handbook will be of interest to driver developers. If you use any of the existing drivers for the language of your choice, you can skip this handbook.

You can also download the complete ArangoDB Documentation as HTML-tarball.

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