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The source code lives on GitHub.

There are branches for the different major/minor releases together with tags for the individual releases (e.g. 3.7 branch and v3.7.3 tag). In general you will not need the source packages, unless you want to compile ArangoDB on an operating system not supported by us.

Source Packages for C++17 Compilers

  • tar.gz 3.7.3
    (256 MByte, SHA256 beb814932227949e21ae8fea4fb7bf76ed10c16666ee5f5dc1122f6e5a4d070f)
  • tar.bz2 3.7.3
    (226 MByte, SHA256 eb97651f2db23b8b34e37e023ed73dda94c730031552b73dad80161942eaf78b)
  • zip 3.7.3
    (313 MByte, SHA256 c017fea6a586ab8b62eec2b2a11fb8e08928a6fb036bbfd981fa073fa4a82530)

GitHub ArangoDB

As ArangoDB is open-source, the source code lives on GitHub.

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