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The source code lives on GitHub.

There are branches for the different major/minor releases together with tags for the individual releases (e.g. 3.4 branch and v3.4.7 tag). In general you will not need the source packages, unless you want to compile ArangoDB on an operating system not supported by us.

Source Packages for C++11 Compilers

  • tar.gz 3.4.7
    (166 MByte, SHA256 4775030dd0640a7f84256ac0403e63d6236cb59e5d3d42bfd36e4d9ba545524b)
  • tar.bz2 3.4.7
    (138 MByte, SHA256 5972a59d816080ed1d043f484e8eed043527a1323c950ed965f57c1355b6c9b7)
  • zip 3.4.7
    (208 MByte, SHA256 a173fb3bd5072fe2ece418df4107f4b1921d43028ab4bef0ac89c39b3f667f37)

GitHub ArangoDB

As ArangoDB is open-source, the source code lives on GitHub.

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