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Download ArangoDB's Source Code

GitHub ArangoDB

The source code lives on GitHub.

There are branches for the different major/minor releases together with tags for the individual releases (e.g. 3.10 branch and v3.10.1 tag). In general you will not need the source packages, unless you want to compile ArangoDB on an operating system not supported by us.

Source Packages for C++20 Compilers

  • tar.gz 3.10.1
    (379 MByte, SHA256 0f3fb3bff4cd2cdcbf5edfa14ca7995f8763f903c6662d51961f5ea9e6601e70)
  • tar.bz2 3.10.1
    (338 MByte, SHA256 1da0f36b68a7570b830edfb1bef1d239da7ee40397124247aa5166d7d1ed55c2)
  • zip 3.10.1
    (474 MByte, SHA256 762756ad2b18f57a892963260ceba4e23568cd98ecfb3e8373147cd6ed6a26ea)

GitHub ArangoDB

As ArangoDB is open-source, the source code lives on GitHub.

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