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The source code lives on GitHub.

There are branches for the different major/minor releases together with tags for the individual releases (e.g. 3.5 branch and v3.5.2 tag). In general you will not need the source packages, unless you want to compile ArangoDB on an operating system not supported by us.

Source Packages for C++14 Compilers

  • tar.gz 3.5.2
    (229 MByte, SHA256 9331ddb8d745c5d977975591b20a00461bfe11865bfce9f3495dc8bdb9260bf1)
  • tar.bz2 3.5.2
    (198 MByte, SHA256 65c639b7632f668a854c04687363418e8ee8371a615691022ee19074af502555)
  • zip 3.5.2
    (276 MByte, SHA256 fa20d1db369aa2876f1207548276968d7813516943bc67ecb42a2bcbc38c4ac6)

GitHub ArangoDB

As ArangoDB is open-source, the source code lives on GitHub.

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