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The source code lives on GitHub.

There are branches for the different major/minor releases together with tags for the individual releases (e.g. 3.6 branch and v3.6.4 tag). In general you will not need the source packages, unless you want to compile ArangoDB on an operating system not supported by us.

Source Packages for C++17 Compilers

  • tar.gz 3.6.4
    (246 MByte, SHA256 e2755fc3576edc0531ca2dd43c6edb690494bc7b44426c9236b1edb575be8aa9)
  • tar.bz2 3.6.4
    (215 MByte, SHA256 ffb06622b649791e7060ce08347c0317a66001e4b997a3440a74a064b3ed5e27)
  • zip 3.6.4
    (291 MByte, SHA256 daa43328d5dc3cac57a0f21a972abf3f98f377db3788d20c456164292b486ff9)

GitHub ArangoDB

As ArangoDB is open-source, the source code lives on GitHub.

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