ArangoDB 3.9 - The Most Scalable Open Source Graph Database

Webinar: ArangoDB 3.9 – Further Powering Graph At Scale

Webinar: ArangoDB 3.9 - Further Powering Graph At Scale

It was a long journey but the team is proud to announce the release of ArangoDB 3.9!

Join our CTO Jörg Schad in exploring the range of features including:

  • Hybrid Smart Graph for even more scalable Graph Queries
  • New ArangoSearch Analyzer 
  • Support for Unicode Collection names
  • New AQL vector functions
  • Performance and UX improvements
  • Various UI/UX improvements
  • And many more.

As usual, we will also take a look at the further roadmap and are looking forward to receiving feedback and input from the ArangoDB community.

About the Presenter:

Jörg Schad is the CTO at ArangoDB. In a previous life, he has worked on or built machine learning pipelines in healthcare, distributed systems at Mesosphere, and in-memory databases. He received his Ph.D. for research around distributed databases and data analytics. He’s a frequent speaker at meetups, international conferences, and lecture halls.

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Joerg Schad

Jörg Schad

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