How ArangoDB Powers GDPR Compliance SaaS

How PrivacyPerfect built a multi-tenant GDPR SaaS application with ArangoDB

How PrivacyPerfect built a multi-tenant GDPR SaaS application with ArangoDB

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Seen from a development perspective, GDPR compliance SaaS has to deliver on two sides: within an application, and across applications.

It’s been a year since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, and yet, according to Cisco’s Data Privacy Benchmark Study, only 59% of companies report they are meeting all or most of GDPR’s requirements.

In this webinar, you will hear from ArangoDB Head of Communications Jan Stücke, and Jaco de Vroed, CTO of PrivacyPerfect, about:

  • how ArangoDB supports the necessary requirements for building GDPR compliance SaaS applications
  • an overview of new features in soon-to-be-released ArangoDB 3.5 that simplify GDPR compliance for testing and production environments
  • how PrivacyPerfect built its GDPR compliance SaaS application on top of ArangoDB
  • why PrivacyPerfect chose graph vs. relational to model its data, from privacy registers and records, to access control and versioning



Jaco de Vroed

Jan Stuecke

Jan Stuecke

Jaco is the CTO at PrivacyPerfect, a Dutch company providing GDPR compliance SaaS solutions. He has a technical background, and is responsible for driving technology implementation at PrivacyPerfect — working with developers and operations to make things work. Previously, Jaco has worked as CTO at Legal Intelligence, a market leading legal search engine for the Dutch market.

Jan is the Head of Communications at ArangoDB and responsible for the technical content, community management and classic marketing functions. He is also a leading part of the GDPR compliance team at ArangoDB. If he is not in workaholic-mode, he enjoys binge watching stupid things.

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