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How Native Multi-Model works in ArangoDB

How Native Multi-Model Works In ArangoDB

Get introduced to the native multi-model database approach with hands on examples using the ArangoDB Query Language.

In this webinar, Chris & Jan will walk you through the basic concepts, key features and query options you have within ArangoDB as well as discuss scalability considerations for different data models. Chris is the hands-on guy and will showcase a variety of query options you have with a native multi-model database like ArangoDB, including:

  • Fast, simple lookups
  • Aggregations
  • Join Operations
  • Various Graphs Traversals
  • And a first glimpse about what you can do with SmartGraphs

Chris & Jan hope to see you in this free webinar and are happy to answer all your questions in the Q&A part at the end.


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Chris Woodward

Jan Stuecke

Jan Stuecke

Jan is the Head of Communications at ArangoDB and responsible for the technical content, community management and classic marketing functions. If he is not in workaholic-mode, he explores the maximum that two brain cells can do.

Chris is the Developer Relations Engineer at ArangoDB and is passionate about improving the learning experience for the ArangoDB community. Brewing and consuming single origin coffee is an unofficial job function for him as well.