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Webinar: What to expect from ArangoDB’s Managed Service

What to expect from ArangoDB’s Managed Service

Thursday, November 14, 2019, 10am PT | 1pm ET | 7pm CET

The long-awaited Managed Service for ArangoDB is finally here! Users have a fully managed document, graph, and key/value store, plus a search engine, in one place. As we thought of such a powerful service — something that gives you room to breathe, relax, and having someone else taking care of everything —, we called it Oasis.

In this live webinar, Ewout Prangsma, Architect & Teamlead of ArangoDB Oasis, walks you through all the main capabilities of the new service, including high availability, elastic scalability, enterprise-grade security, and also demo the different deployment modes you have at your fingertips.

Before the Q&A part, Ewout also shares what you will be capable of in the future.

Ewout Prangsma
Ewout Prangsma

About the presenter:
Ewout Prangsma is a Senior Developer/Architect and leads the complete ArangoDB Oasis project. He already contributed to many key capabilities to ArangoDB like the Kubernetes Operator, ArangoStarter or Datacenter-To-Datacenter replication. As an allrounder developer, he uses whatever language works best for the job but currently loves to create using GOlang. In his spare time, he likes to work on amazing model train experiences with his fellow members of “Team Zwitserleven,” and knows where to get the best ice cream.