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Key features (May 2017)

Key Features (May 2017)

Features & Capabilities ArangoDB Community Edition ArangoDB Enterprise Edition
Apache 2 / Commercial License
Commercial Friendly License
Written in C++
Document database
Graph Database
Complex Domains edges are documents without any restrictions in complexity
Schema free
Data format JSON / VelocyPack
Data Storage mostly memory
Persistence to disk
Sync and Async Replication1
Master/Master conflict resolution
Native Apache Mesos Support
ACID Transaction
Multi-Document Transactions
Multi-Collection Transactions
One Declarative Query Language for all data-models
Graph Relations
Relational Joins
Advanced path-finding with multiple algorithms
Text search (indexing / queries)
Geospatial (indexing / queries)
Microservice Support with ArangoDB Foxx
Server-Side Functions
TLS / SSL Encryption
Role-based access control4
Web-based GUI (self-contained)
Cluster friendly GUI

1 Synchronous replication works on a per-shard basis. One configures for each collection, how many copies of each shard are kept in the cluster. Asynchronous replication is organized using primary and secondary DBservers.
2 Using a single instance of ArangoDB, multi-document / multi-collection queries are guaranteed to be fully ACID. In cluster mode, single-document operations are also fully ACID. Multi-document / multi-collection queries in a cluster are not ACID, which is equally the case with competing database systems. Note that for non-sharded collections in a cluster, the transactional properties of a single server apply (fully ACID).
3 Upcoming feature with the 3.2 release.
4 ArangoDB supports all basic security requirements. By using ArangoDB’s Foxx microservice framework users can achieve very high security standards fitting individual needs.