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ArangoDB Training Center - Interactive Tutorials

Interactive Tutorials

Learn ArangoDB on Google Colab with our hands-on Jupyter notebooks.

ArangoDB Training Center - Certification


Become a ArangoDB Certified Professional by going through the certification exam.

ArangoDB Training Center - First Day

First Day

A beginner’s section covering first steps, introducing core concepts and making you familiar with ArangoDB.

ArangoDB Training Center - Graphs


Get familiar with the broad range of graph database features in ArangoDB and how to scale with graphs.

ArangoDB Training Center - Documents


Get started with the document model features. Learn about data modeling, distributed JOIN operations and much more.

ArangoDB Training Center - Search


Full-text search and similarity ranking is powered by ArangoSearch. Learn everything you need for relevant results.

ArangoDB Training Center - Graph Analytics

(Graph) Analytics

Analyze data for patterns: Fraud detection, eCommerce analytics, graph processing with Pregel, ArangoDB for machine learning.

ArangoDB Training Center - Development


Go through tutorials for different language drivers & integrations. Explore the microservice framework Foxx.

ArangoDB Training Center - Operations


ArangoDB supports many different deployment modes for various projects. Learn how to master them.

ArangoDB Oasis Managed Service

Cloud Service

Oasis provides fully hosted, managed, and monitored cluster deployments of any size, with enterprise-grade security.

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