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ArangoDB Certified Professional

Taking the ArangoDB Certified Professional exam will prove your ArangoDB expertise to your employer, clients, customers, and peers –showing your skills in the latest multi-model technology. 

The exam is free and you can give it multiple tries. It consists of 50 questions, covering topics like:

  • General knowledge about ArangoDB
  • Query composition
  • Performance tuning
  • Data modeling

The exam has a time limit of 60 minutes. You need to achieve at least a score of 80% to pass, but you can retake the exam if you need to. When passing the exam successfully, you will receive a personal certificate to download and show your skills on Twitter, LinkedIn wherever you want.

Some questions will be easy, some a bit more tricky, but definitely doable for everyone who already has experience in ArangoDB. 

ArangoDB Certified Professional

Prepare To Pass

You can prepare yourself with various resources but we recommend to have especially a look at:

These resources include all the knowledge you will need to pass. If you like to dive deeper into ArangoDB, you can check out:

More training and in-depth information can be found at the ArangoDB Training Center and in the ArangoDB Documentation.

You can get started with the exam right now by entering your details below. 

Good luck!