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ArangoDB Oasis

The Managed Service for ArangoDB

Oasis: The Managed Cloud for ArangoDB

ArangoDB Oasis provides fully managed and monitored cluster deployments of any size, with enterprise-grade security. Focus on your application; our specialists take care of the rest.

Oasis is built and supported by the creators of the distributed systems at ArangoDB.

ArangoDB Oasis Structure

ArangoDB Oasis Key Features

Easy Cluster Deployments

Supported providers ArangoDB Managed Service

Deploy your service on your favorite platform
ArangoDB Oasis lets you easily define the size of your machines & clusters, choose one of the supported cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google) and select the region for your deployments. ArangoDB Oasis takes care of everything and sends you access to your ready-to-go cluster within minutes.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

Encryption on transit & at rest guarantee everything is encrypted before it hits the disk.
Manage access levels through flexible roles and policies. We provide you with a fine-grained set of access control policies. Build GDPR, HIPAA and PCI compliant applications with auditing, LDAP integration and enhanced Data Masking.

Full Control

Multi-tenant capabilities

Multi-tenant capabilities.
If you want more than one deployment, arrange them according to your organizational structure, environment (e.g., production / staging) or any other structure you desire.

New collaboration

New collaboration.
Let your team work together on joint adventures. We provide you with clear and fine-grained role & access management to projects and associated deployments.

Consistent Snapshot Backups

Create consistent cluster backups of your deployments lightning fast and fully automated at specified intervals or on-demand.


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