ArangoDB Oasis

The Managed Service for ArangoDB
ArangoDB Oasis Structure

The Managed Service For ArangoDB

ArangoDB Oasis is the managed service for ArangoDB, build and supported by the people creating the distributed systems at ArangoDB.

Oasis provides fully hosted, managed and monitored cluster deployments of any size. Focus on your application, our specialists takes care of the rest.

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ArangoDB Oasis provides

Managed Cluster Deployments

ArangoDB Oasis lets you easily define the size of your machines & clusters, choose one of the supported cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google)* and select the region for your deployments. ArangoDB Oasis will take care of everything and send you access to your ready-to-go cluster within minutes.

Enterprise-Grade Security

You decide who in your organization can create/change/delete deployments, setup organizational structures, grant permissions etc. We provide you with a fine grained set of access control policies. Furthermore, all deployments have automatic TLS network encryption, encryption of data at rest and the option to limit access to database endpoints.**

Full Control

If you want more than one deployment, arrange them according to your organizational structure, environment (e.g. production / staging) or any other structure you desire. We provide you with projects to arrange your deployments in.

Automatic Backups

Create backups of your deployments automatically at specified intervals or on demand.

*Not all cloud providers will be available for alpha release.
**Not all features will be available in alpha release.

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