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ArangoDB Subprocessors

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Infrastructure Providers

ArangoDB may engage the following entities to process personal data that you include in your use of ArangoDB Oasis:

Third-Party Entity Description of Processing
Google Cloud, Inc. Cloud Infrastructure Provider
Amazon Web Services, Inc. Cloud Infrastructure Provider

Other Third-Party Subprocessors

To perform service functions and provide customer and community support, ArangoDB may also engage the following entities to process personal data on your behalf:

Third-Party Entity Description of Processing
BlueSnap, Inc. Payment Processing Provider
Sentry, Inc. Infrastructure Monitoring
Mailgun, Inc. Email Provider
Auth0, Inc. User Database Management (Sign Up & Login)
Hubspot, Inc. User Database Management
Atlassian Jira (Atlassian, Inc.) Issue Tracking and Support
MessageBird B.V. Phone Number Verification
Gateway API ( ApS) Phone Number Verification
Salesforce, Inc. Customer & Billing Processing


Depending on your geographic location, ArangoDB may also engage one or more of the following Affiliates as Subprocessors:

Affiliate Entity Location
ArangoDB, Inc. United States
ArangoDB GmbH Germany