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Dive deeper into graph & beyond

White papers, webinars, courses, and other useful resources to start and expand your journey to multi-model.


ArangoDB Overview

Read this overview to learn more about the highest-rated Graph Database, including use cases and benefits of every edition of ArangoDB.

White Papers

Graph Done Right WP

Graph Done Right

Graph databases play a critical role, and the need to extract the most value and uncover the hidden meaning from the mountain of data you have in your company is not going anywhere. The visualization and how the data dots are connected help organizations see things in their data like they never have before.

Switching from Relational Databases to ArangoDB

Across industries, fraud is a growing problem resulting in a global annual loss of $3.7 trillion. Fraudsters became more sophisticated in hiding their activities by forming fraud rings, using stolen identities and other patterns. Traditional approaches still focus on discrete data missing many opportunities to identify or prevent fraud.

Multi-model lets organizations see data from different perspectives, its context and detect fraud patterns with graph database technology even within large scale datasets. In this white paper we will show how to convert data from relational to multi-model graphs, how various fraud detection queries work in ArangoDB’s Query Language (AQL) and how Fraud Detection can be done at scale with ArangoDB.


arangodb graph course beginners slide 001

Get Started With Graphs

This free Graph Course will take you all the way from zero knowledge about ArangoDB & graph databases to advanced graph query techniques.

arangodb performance course slide 1 landing page

Optimize Query Performance

If you made your first steps with AQL, played around with a few queries and now want to speed things up a bit, this course is for you.

Lunch Break Sessions

Graph and Beyond

The Graph and Beyond Lunch Break is a series of 10-15min videos about topics like Fraud Detection with ArangoDB, AQL for eCommerce Analytics, Graph Analytics and more.

Recent Webinars Recordings

Thumbnail Custom Pregel Webinar

Feature Preview: Custom Pregel Algorithms

Jörg Schad and Heiko Kernbach from ArangoDB introduce you to the upcoming Custom Pregel Feature in ArangoDB 3.8 and how you can change you Pregel algorithms on the fly, without restarting the database or writing any C++ code.

Thumbnail Intro to Knowledge Graphs Webinar

Intro To Knowledge Graphs

Watch the Hacktoberfest 2020 Intro to Knowledge Graphs talk with Chris Woodward and the team from reKnowledge

Thumbnail Sacing Time with ArangoDB Oasis

Saving Time And Do More Cool Stuff With Oasis

Ewout Prangsma (ArangoDB Oasis) and Ayal Rosenberg ( discuss the impact of a managed multi-model graph database on development efficiency.