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Graph & Beyond Lunch Break #1: Fraud Detection with ArangoDB

Graph & Beyond Lunch Session #1:
Fraud Detection with ArangoDB

As you may know, money laundering and fraud is kind of a thing – and a bad one at that. Over the years, fraudsters and money launderers got more sophisticated in hiding their money transfers. 

They started to transfer money over various accounts in different countries and jurisdictions, among other things, to hide their transactions. These chains of transactions are tricky to identify with traditional methods, especially in the big network of financial transactions that happen every day. 

In this lunch break session, Jackson Reimers will demonstrate the multi-model graph capabilities within ArangoDB to identify the patterns and catch some bad guys!

Join us to learn how to:

  1. Create a graph and visualize it
  2. Identify suspicious accounts
  3. Find number of curious loops
  4. Find all suspicious long loops
  5. Detect Orphan Accounts
About the Presenter:

Jackson graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Finance in 2015. He went on to work in finance and eventually for the House of Representatives running the credit card program for all members and their staff. While working, Jackson went to night school to obtain his MBA from John Hopkins in 2020. Post graduation, Jackson decided to switch from finance to sales and join the high-tech industry.

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Jackson Reimers

Jackson Reimers